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What your Clothes Say about you

Posted by Jeremy Evans on

“Dude she is not my type.”

“He looks like a nerd. I don’t think he is an outgoing person.”

“She is a party freak. She is TOO extrovert.”

“OMG! Look at the guy in the right. He looks so manly, doesn’t he?”

We all make judgements about people we see or meet, from the clothes that they wear. These are snap judgements that we make about people and obviously people make about us. But why is it so? Have you ever given it a thought?

Be a Little More Careful while Buying Clothes:

The choices that you make while buying your clothes, says a lot about you (more than you might imagine about). A lot of people believe that dressing up (the way they do) is actually nothing more than a habit. But while you dress up in the morning for your college or office…it won’t pay a penny to be a little careful while you make your dressing choices. Sometimes, a little change in your daily clothes can make a huge change in the impression, people have on you.

What Research Says?

Recent studies in Turkey and UK show us that our clothing brings in a huge difference to what people speculate regarding us, without us even knowing about it. It takes people a matter of seconds to judge us and that happens by the way we have dresses up. If you decide to go to a college presentation, in shorts and worn out shirt (trying to act cool), you will be considered nothing else than a pervert.

Women Dressing Shows…

These studies further revealed the fact that women who are depressed with their lives, are likely to wear baggy clothes. They like wearing baggy tops, bottoms and jumpers. On the contrary, women who are happy with their life, dress up carefully every morning, trying to put on the best of their outfit along with matching yet simple accessories. What does this reflect? This reflects the fact that women who are sad, don’t put in much effort to their clothing choices. And women, who are joyful and happy, try to look the best that they can. This is why you say: look good, feel good!

Men Dressing Shows…

Another study was carried out on men, which showed how their dressing could open up their traits. Images of men dressed differently were shown to people and it was calculated that it took only 3-5 seconds for people to make snap judgements about them. The men in a bespoke suit were adored more and were complimented a lot. The compliments were not on how amazing their suit looked; it was more on how confident, flexible and successful they seemed. Thus, their clothing reflected how they feel about themselves and some of their traits as well.


Therefore, people unconsciously express themselves by wearing what they choose to. They don’t know about it, but they are showcasing their personality by what they wear. So the next time you decide to go for a job interview, make sure you know what you are wearing before you are turned down.

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