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Role of Alcohol in Social Situations and Gatherings

Posted by Jeremy Evans on

                     Consuming beer and other alcohol often happens in social gatherings and other situations. For many people, alcohol eases stress and at the same time it increases the pleasure. Drinking alcohol and chatting is considered very common and very accepted social activity. People go out with their colleagues after work to relax after hard day of work. Students go for drinks after they finish some tough exam, and business owners drink and laugh after closing a good deal. All across the world there are millions of people that drink on different social gatherings.

            Social drinking can be defined as drinking in a social setting like in a restaurant or in a bar. Special occasions are often celebrated with alcohol consumption, such as birthdays, religious holidays and other occasions. One of the reasons why people drink on social occasions is because the alcohol affects the mood, brain function and person`s behavior. When drinking, dopamine levels are increased and that leads to bigger pleasure. Social drinking is an integral part of many cultures today. However, heavy drinking is not advisable as it may lead to many potentially dangerous situations.

            For many centuries socializing and drinking alcohol have went together hand in hand. This common activity can be found in ancient literature, historic and religious texts, as well as in the artworks. For example, philosophers in ancient Greece were drinking while debating different issues and the early settlers of the Americas often drank in taverns and bars.

            The main purpose of drinking is to strengthen the social bonding and friendships. There are many venues besides pubs, bars and restaurants that foster social drinking. For example, weddings are often occasions where drinking alcohols plays a huge role. Friends and relatives all raise their glasses and drink in celebration of the marriage. During the wedding reception guests also hit the bar and start socializing. Festivals are another place where people enjoy live music, eat some food and get to know each other over alcohol. Sporting events are other major places where fans get together and bond, grill food and drink beers or other alcohol in front of the sporting venue. Beer stands can often be seen in front of stadiums and sports arenas. Company events also involve drinking and socializing. Business occasions and happy hours are often seen as a place where employees establish stronger relationships by getting to know each other over a drink or two.

            There are many different reasons why people like to drink socially. One main reason is that alcohol really helps some people to feel more confident and not be shy in social situations. There are even people that drink just to fit in the group they are part of. Anyhow, majority of people are relying on alcohol to enhance and improve their confidence and communication skills at social gatherings.

            Alcohol is a considered a good social lubricant. Many people drink beer or other beverages before going out in the evenings. Alcohol is perceived as an effective tool that quickly improves mood and it enhances different social skills. Moderate social drinking can lead to bigger empathy, generosity and friendliness.

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