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Pokémon Go

Posted by Jeremy Evans on

Pokémon Go

There is so much hype regarding Pokémon Go these days, right? Well, you might be really curious to know all about it, that is definitely why you are here to read this. You might have downloaded Pokémon Go already. But alas! It does not open up a lot of details to you. However, you really don’t need to fuss about it as you will gather all the required information regarding this game, right here.

Pokémon Go is a very intuitive game and is being taken really seriously nowadays also. A lot of people are addicted to this game and if you are a beginner, than mind it; you are forwarding yourself up for some serious compulsion. It is like we are back in our childhood as the Pokémon craze is so back on nerves. So what is Pokémon Go?

Once you have downloaded Pokémon Go, it will utilize the GPS satellite of your mobile phone and the system will figure out where you are and what time is it. Once the game opens, it populates the world surrounding you with Pokémon. Does that make sense to you? Cutting the long story short; you end up looking at the world around you, from your smartphone screen and Pokémon is dropped at your real life. What happens now is that you can pick your favorite Pokémon creatures and battle with the ones you pick. You also get to train Pokémon on your own. The greatest change and hype is that Pokémon Go game is based in your real life which intrigues the players more and more.

So where can you download Pokémon Go from? The game has officially been unveiled in July but is still not accessible in various regions. UK has to wait a lot more for it. If it is available in your region than you simply have to go to Apple App Store or Google Play. Simply enter Pokémon Go in the search tab and if you are lucky enough and the game is accessible in your region than all you have to do is click that fat button which says DOWNLOAD.

People residing in UK, Europe and Japan are on the waiting list for this wonderful and much talked about game. So till when do they have to wait? When is the game going to officially release there? I bet you guys are thinking about it a lot. The Wall Street Journal confirmed the news for residents of these places that the release of Pokémon Go is going to follow within days. However, it is quite predictable that the game will be available to them within some days. You never know; it might be accessible tomorrow within your region. Thus, the release of Pokémon Go is going to happen within July and won’t be prolonged more than this.

If you are on the waiting list and have not yet downloaded the game-your patience will be rewarded. Pokémon Go is certainly worth the wait! You are going to adore it guys!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pokémon Go Hitting the Streets.

So you are running wildly across the screen to find that Pokémon Go character and then the next thing you know…there are almost 3-400 people crowding up at the same place. Yes! The game has the power to bring in people at a place; but is it bringing us any good? Are the gatherings in streets helping us out positively? Perth and Kings Park deserve a look while people gather in there to play the game.

Advantages of Pokémon Go:

A guy told the media somedays back that he hated social interaction…until Pokémon Go helped him a bit out of it. He said that a guy at the bus stop in Perth asked him if I was playing the game and they talked randomly for like 5 minutes, before the bus arrived. So is it killing social anxiety? Is Pokémon Go bringing people of the same interest out in the streets so that they can meet up? Let’s just for one minute, consider this is a great advantage of Pokémon Go. People, who might have never met, meet unexpectedly at a Poke Stop. They interact and thus new people and communications take birth.

Disadvantages of Pokémon Go:

However, it’s time to come to the negative part of it. Do you have any idea whether you are going to reach the next Poke Stop safely? The game has people indulged in it so badly, that they can hardly take their eyes of the screen. Yes! Tell me about it; it is bad then texting or calling while you are on a stroll. If you make sure that you are looking out at the road, while you cross it; you are safer. However, just a split second and you might disappear. Where? Nobody obviously knows.


Pokémon Go has had us all crazy but that doesn’t mean that just because you need to reach the next Poke Stop…you have to get done with your life. Be safe and play well; that’s all you have gotta do.


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