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How the presence of professional athletes on social media impacts our society positively?

Posted by Jeremy Evans on

Professional athletes are like celebrities. They like being in the news, enjoy the spotlight and being the talk of the town. Often times, we have seen them coming up with marketing strategies which would have the tabloids running after them like vultures. However, the trend is changing now. The professional athletes are now switching to social media, which would give them the chance to market themselves on their own terms. Their pages are filling up with followers and their ever-growing fan base. It is becoming a communicating medium where the athletes can engage with their followers and raise voice against important cultural and societal issues. Wrestling, football, cricket, basketball; athletes from every walk of life are joining in the frenzy of social media.

The good it brings forth

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the way the athletes are taking over the social media certainly has a huge impact on the people and the online community in general. They are often seen campaigning about important health issues, raising voices against the wrong doings, occurring around us. They know they are heard and listened to very attentively by their followers and are ready to make the best use of this power. For example in 2014, NBA player Eric Gardner died a tragic death at the hands of an NYPD officer. Following the event players from Cleveland Cavaliers and the Brooklyn Nets and LeBron James wore t-shirts to show support and raise voice against the brutality of police department and racism in particular. The move went viral and people were seen talking about it, sharing it, re-tweeting it across many social media platforms. The issue was taken on by social media and was debated, discussed and broadcast at great lengths for a long time.

Social media gives athletes a power, which allows them to start a revolution. There have definitely been instances in the past where athletes were seen revolting against the wrong around us. The difference now is that the campaigns that start on social media spread like wildfire. Not only do they reach out to millions across the world in no time at all but also impact our society pretty deeply.

Social media also gives the athletes a chance to raise voice against many health issues as well. We all have seen players walking around with pink ribbons to raise awareness about breast cancer. They are often seen using social media to promote some trust or foundation, which is working for the benefit of the society. Mia Hamm is a known soccer player who uses twitter to promote issues that matter and raises funds for the families in need.

It is due to the growing strength of social media platform that many players and teams are now making their profiles and make themselves available for the online community. They use this opportunity to market themselves and raise voice for the things that matter.

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