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How media affects our everyday life

Posted by Jeremy Evans on

Seeing a child who has just learnt to speak copying some movies dialogue is more of a joke than a surprising thing for us these days. This is noticeable because of how media continues to be an ever-growing part of our life. From an age where people were unaware of what televisions even was to this present day and age where people follow actors life to a point where they are obsessed by them and would spend any amount of money to look like one of those “pretty” actors/actresses coming on television.

Most people you find are oblivious to the fact that what these people appear like on television is hardly what they look like in real life. The magic of makeup and editing has done wonders, and it is only a matter of seconds before a very average looking person could look like something out of this world. While media has continued to raise awareness on certain topics counting it as one of its advantages, however, the disadvantages continue to be many especially because of the various ways through which people get exposure. Different people have different views where some find it part of accepting change whereas some choose to stay away from it.

Movies and films make up a very big chunk of the media that is affecting the youth of today. Not only does it change the way people behave but also what they wear and how they wear it. This is not only confined to clothes but also to the attitudes of people and their response to particular things in life. The below-mentioned advantages and disadvantages are an insight of what I think about media and how I see its long-lasting effects on the lives of various individuals


While media is said to have a negative effect usually, the awareness created through these movies is at times amazing. Some movies are based on real problems within our country and give people the incentive to step forward and take an initiative, something they might have never thought of before. These movies give ideas of the different types of attires worn by television stars and hence bringing ideas together from around the world. This helps designers from our countries to progress, showcases hid talent and brings us to par with other countries. What these actresses wear hence could prove to be helpful for us.


The disadvantages, however, outweigh the advantages. What these actresses wear tend to be the inspiration for most of the teenage girls out there who forget their religious values because they feel that whatever they are doing has to be correct in all aspects. Moreover the attitude these actresses fake of having can prove to be a bad influence for these girls because they try to be like them, copying whatever they do since they follow their daily lives very closely. This also tends to cause girls, especially to have health problems because they try to have a figure just like these models. Watching different channels tend to have an effect on our culture as well because people tend to forget the values and ethics taught to them and got lost in the world of movies. Having difficulty in judging what’s wrong and right at a small age can prove to be harmful.

All forms of media have their set of advantages and disadvantages. The effects of movies, however, depend on the viewer and whether he/she takes it positively or negatively.


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